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People are wondering how we are doing and how we spend our days - so here is a glimpse!

  We have a devotional together around 8 am for about two hours, then a brunch and we separate after that to work on our own stuff.  I get a couple hours of prayer, 2-3 hours of study in the Word, anywhere from 2 to 4 hours communicating with our partners and loved ones all over the World and some time everyday to add something to the book I have been trying to finish!  I am so grateful for the time to do these things and these fellow travelers who are so loving through the whole process! Everyone is doing well and carrying Christ's light with great grace!   We have been having dinner around 5 pm and have invited our host Fedelia to share the meal and the evening with us the last three evenings. (Tonight we had something I've never tried before - llama meat with sheep cheese!)  Fedelia (which means faithful) is about my age and married a missionary from Jamaica.  They had three children before he was killed in 1992.  She has remained single but continued his work planting churches and working with children all over this mountainous region!  She is still discipling young people in her home and has offered up everything she has for the Lord's service.  We have friends like this in our church and around the World but it is always awe-inspiring for me and a challenge to not stop sprinting until we cross that finish line...  After dinner one of our group leads a devotional time that has been really engaging and very timely! Rachel led the one this morning about God's discipline and wrath, primarily from Ezekiel.Then this eveining, Juan Carlos talked about I Samuel 23 and David's mighty men. They were both excellent, as all of the others have been! It is amazing how open your ears are when times are challenging!      After the devotional we have more prayer...and finally a board game provided by our host. I'm not much of a game player but they have been fun, full of laughs and a joyful way to finish the day before we head off to bed and our last communications with loved ones, who have been so faithful to check in and pray for us daily!


Kevin and Sue 3 months ago

Wow! All of you look terrific. It reminds me of the three Hebrew boys. They were so fresh and healthy by not compromising their walk with The Lord.
May The Lord continue to bless ALL of your needs; spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and financial.
We miss you and take great joy in your mission.

Marilyn Holms 3 months ago

So glad to hear from Jerry and the amazing team. Your days sound wonderful with devotion and study. So glad Jerry you are able to work on your book. All you must contribute so much as you give your devotions.
The meals sound wonderful and tasty. Thanks for the pictures. Feels like you are not so far away. We are trusting God as we Stay In Homes. Dave and Terry have been giving devotions on Facebook during week amazing. My joy is being able on Tuesday zoom my BSF group. So happy to share word with them and see them and here them
What a huge blessing. Hear the lecture. Print questions and notes. God be with you. Praying great favor for all of you daily.

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