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JCSL is blessed to have friends and ministry partners all around the world - espcially in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Greece, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mexico and Bolivia. Every day we hear from some of them with insights into what is happening in their country and the incredible challenges they are facing. We believe that God is calling all of us to renewed commitment to intercession on their behalf, and we will begin posting their stories here... 

Today we heard from our dear freind Alex at the Kidstar Academy in the Kibera slums of Kenya: 

"On top of Corona I am sure you are aware that Kenya is bringing news of
enormous floods and also Ethiopia/Somalia/Kenya have a second wave of
Locust pleague now, immensely stronger than the first wave and just of
biblical magnitude. Let us read the signs of time and know that He is
NEAR. Blessed day to you ... alex :-)"

As we examine the signs of the times do we see God doing something that is umprecedented, and does it demand our attention? (Luke 12:56 )

As we join together in earnest prayer, we will continue to talk here on the JCSL Blog about what God is saying to us and what He is asking of us. Thank you dear friends and stay tuned!  


Sue Hughes about 1 year ago

It's good to see the blog still going with our brothers and sisters across the world.

Laisa about 1 year ago

I am going to introduce myself in the way you have done. google

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