We have recieved some updates from Pastor Jerry and some important news that we would like you to join us in prayer about...

It was a different and fun day.  Rachel and I took off on a three mile hike to the City to meet with pastor Fernando, his wife Chili,and four full time interns to pray and seek God's counsel for a flight out on Saturday that the US Embassy is coordinating. Because of the whole situation aroung the Corona Virus - The U.S. Government reported that they would send a Military Cargo Plane to pick up U.S. citizens in 3 Bolivian cities - including Cochabamba. They said we could leave on Saturday or plan to stay indefinitely. The consensus after sharing and prayer was to leave Saturday -- because it looks like another month of no movement house restrictions -- with the hope we would be able to come back later.  There was a really sweet presence during our time together with almost everyone tearing up!  They said it feels like this is a desert, away from family and friends, no church meetings, no church income, so all the people who are supported by the church ministries are in a difficult place. But your group being here is like a river of fresh water that has revived us! It was also a very significant time for dreaming and praying about future plans for ministry around the World together as our dear Lord opens doors!   But tonight the President is making things even tighter. No cars on the streets, alternating days for ID card holders only for getting food and no movement outside the home for anything on Saturday and Sunday. She also reiterated no flights in or out of the Country during the ban.  We will try to reach the US Embassy in the morning to see if that will stop the evacuation flight this weekend.  

On our walk today there were police and military personnel throughout the City to enforce the quarantine.   The way home is over two miles straight up hill!  We carried backpacks to pick up what food we could along the way.  I was in one tiny market getting a few things and three ladies who we had seen on our way down the hill pushing a wheel barrow were trying to sell a few fruits from their garden but no one was buying.  One of them stood in the doorway pleading with me to buy a small watermelon.  I finally said yes and gave them a little extra.  Then as we continued up this daunting hill we found them sitting under a shade tree (very hot today!).  They jumped up as we passed and grabbed our groceries, put them in the wheel barrow and started pushing it up the hill!  We all took turns, thoroughly exhausted in the heat but having a great time!  We blessed each other and exchanged contact info and finally made it home!

This afternoon we had more time for prayer and study for everyone and our host, 78 year old Fedelia, lead us in Bible Study around II Chronicles 20...the battle is the Lord's and if we really turn to Him as our only hope, He will fight for us!  It was a great time!  Then we finished with prayer for God's gracious hand to cover all that is going on now...   Tomorrow we will be fasting and praying for our loved ones back home and here in Bolivia!  I hope this all makes some sense.  We had thought that it was God's will to start the journey home Saturday but that is unclear now!  I will keep you up to snuff as soon as we find out anything! Everything is in God's hands and He is good!



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