Shalom,  We arrived in Miami and just had time for a snack before we hopped on board our plane for Bolivia.  It is an old, no frills, tight seats flight but I've already met several nice people!  Everybody in our group is doing well.  From here we go to Santa Cruz and then a short flight to Cochabamba.  We are supposed to arrive at 8:05 Bolivia time tomorrow morning.   The second group was able to change their flight going through Lima to one going to Bogata, but they have a 15 hour layover there before heading to Bolivia.  There are a lot  of people here with fears and masks but we are at peace under the promises of God in Psalm 91...Elizabeth wrote us a beautiful prayer.   Please thank everyone for their love and prayers! Love in Him, jerry


alex :-) 18 days ago

My dear Jerry and team, greetings from Switzerland, I have thought of you so many times just these days! I got stuck here in Switzerland because Kenya would not let me back in on my booked flight in 10 days as announced just this Sunday. But am glad God has created good time for me to spend a longer period with my parents now. My dad's Parkinson has reached a sometimes scary stage, he severely fell twice the week before I came. My mam also not too strong, recovering from a cancer op plus artificial hip joint surgery both in the last 20 months. Am instilling our great God's peace every day afresh, what a wonderful opportunity. Thanks for prayers and strength! Daisy is managing everything well in Kibera by God's wonderful Grace. Angel and Eli keep asking when I will be back and I thank God for the possibility to see and talk with them on the net, even laughing with Noah! And we just pray to be able to move her, the kids and our wonderful nanny to a bit a better place still this week. They are meeting and praying twice a week with our so terrific Staff team 2020 in KidStar Academy! Many supply fears are to overcome and plans to practically face them are getting shape, especially for a government acceptable yet effective feeding program. Antibiotics and anti viral drugs (especially ARVs) among many other things are already running out in Nairobi and we are counting on God's promise to protect His People. THANKS FOR FRIENDSHIP AND WORLD WIDE BRIDGE OF FAITH, HOPE AND HELP! Wish you lots of LOVE and PEACE on your mission. May God keep you crazy folks safe, healthy and connected!

Kevin Hughes 18 days ago

Hi everyone! Kevin and I are sending our love and prayers.
I believe 5:30 PM our time is 8:30 PM Bolivia time. Si?
God bless you all and know you are in the palm of His Hand.

Kevin and Sue

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