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After posting news and pictures about the team's activities yesterday, I received two more updates from Pastor Jerry - one about his personal sabbath day with the Lord which was followed interestingly by the latest governmental regulations for Bolivia!


Everyone took off this morning to go to church for prayer but I stayed behind today.  Yesterday morning as I was praying the Holy Spirit reminded me that I needed to guard a Sabbath day every week, especially as I travel.  It is time to rest, pray, fast and spend time digging into the Word together with the Spirit of Jesus...  When I don't do this, I not only get run down physically but I start to drift away from the intimacy that is the very life of my spirit.   Everyday the agenda is new, like always, but better than anything we could have planned.  When we have a challenging walk, it is great for our bodies, when it is long hours between meals, it is wonderful to sit down and really enjoy and feel genuine 'thanks', and when we seem stuck someplace between events there are always people to share with that often become the highlight of the day!  "The joy of the Lord really is our strength", Neh. 8:10, and it is there all day if only we will receive everything as a gift from the Lord!  Rom. 8:28/ I Thess. 5:18... 

The update just came from the Bolivian President today. By law, everyone has to stay in their homes 24/7.  Only one person from each family will be allowed out to buy food, meds, water- but they must be back home before 12 noon.  I think any anxiety from this comes from people realizing they are not in control.  We have alot to learn about this area and I am hoping that we are good learners so that the lesson doesn't have to last too long!



Steve Carlson 4 months ago

Hi Jerry, just gotta say that I am inspired by the lessons you are sharing. I hope to apply them in my life. Steve

Kevin and Sue 4 months ago

Dave, Terry, Elizabeth and the crew gave us a great Sunday worship service at home. I was wondering if you can get it from Bolivia.

We continue to pray that The Lord will make a way - where we see no way. He is mighty, and awesome, and loving, and can make sure His Name is glorified one way or the other.

Love to the Brightons, Juan, Rachel and the rest of the brothers and sisters who are taking care of you. May God continue to bless you all.

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