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 It was another wonderful day gathering here with the dear saints in Krasnodar Russia!  We left my hosts' home at 9am and attended an early Bible Study with a bunch of the guy leaders.  I was really amazed at their Bible knowledge, which I no longer take for granted, they are really earnest about their time in the Word and personal study.
  Another thing that amazed me is all the things they remembered from the last time we were together here in Krasnodar four years ago!  They talked about the principles and even the illustrations that I had used!  Many are great note takers too which is a wonderful tool as well! After the Bible Study I spoke in the Service about being a disciple who is "wholehearted" (Numbers 32:11,12).
  Again, when I challenged them with some Scripture that I think most people just wouldn't know, folks here were firing back answers from every direction! Things are changing in Russia and, like in the past, there may come a time in the not too distant future that Bibles will not be available- then it will come down to what has truly been hidden in the heart!   
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