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  Things here keep changing quickly!  The Bolivian President just declared Marshall Law last night which means that the military has taken over and the rules are much stricter.  Because of that, the US Embassy decided to close so we have not found any other source to give us information or answers about the special flight out- if it is still on, who will get a seat, when is it scheduled to leave etc. We also called the US but they just said there was nothing they could do so just wait and see if there will be more information tomorrow?   God knows everything and He is always so good!!  Prov. 3:5,6 is where we have all landed and whatever He wills is exactly what our prayer is! 

Our friends in each of the Countries we are a part of have been writing pretty much every day and for many of them their situation is worse than ours!  Max Kushnir wrote saying that many of the Ukrainians who crossed the border into Italy illegally to work were not able to get medical care there so they returned to Ukraine.  Chernivtsy is one of the cities closest to the border so they have been the epicenter of the disease there which has made things very difficult.  Nastya is almost ready to deliver but they are not letting anybody into the hospitals until they are actually about to deliver.  Today is a fasting day and day of prayer for the group here.  We spent about two hours this morning looking at what the Scriptures teach about Love, then had a great time of prayer for the church at home, our loved ones and the dear Bolivian brothers and sisters here.  We realize we would never have time like this together if we were at home during normal times, so we are very humbled and grateful!!   I hope that you also are getting some really precious times with our Lord and feel encouraged and peaceful- Isa. 26:3...




betty 2 months ago

What a God-given miracle modern technology is. It is so good to get communication from you instantly. It seems that Matthew 24:14 is absolutely possible now! May the Presence of the Blessed Holy Spirit be fully manifested in all you are called to do.
Missing everyone a lot, but thankful that JCSL is doing all we can to stay connected. I will pray for the Lord to open doors to come home as soon as He wills.

Blair 2 months ago

Blessings friends we are confident in the one who knows the way.

Sue and Kevin 2 months ago

Praying The Lord’s perfect will and peace over you.

Ginean 2 months ago


joan hess 2 months ago

Have your name, Jerry, written by that verse Isa.26:3 in my Bible. It is dated 10.1.19. Love His word. So thankful. Every word, every phrase, perfectly accurate!

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