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  I need to ask your forgiveness for not putting a period at the end of this last Mission Trip!   I thought everyone would know when I returned but many who joined our company of prayeers and those who fasted are not from Salt and Light and serve together with us from all over the World!  So please forgive me for not letting you know in a timely manner that I returned home safely, healthy and although a bit travel weary, totally humbled by our Precious Savior who exceeded every expectation I had for this journey!

   On this last adventure to Ukraine, Israel, Russia and Germany, God filled my heart to overflowing; times with loved ones in every Country, the powerful work of the Holy Spirit everywhere He sent us and the way every detail and event was bathed in prayer and fasting before I even arrived!
  Also every need was meet out of His great faithfulness- financially, for housing , food, transportation and most importantly His work in relationships!
   Since I have returned, Sue and I have enjoyed a sweet reunion with each of our kids and their families and the dear saints at our home church Jesus Christ Salt and Light!
  We are scheduled to attend the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. which includes many meetings with friends from all over the World that are a part of this amazing event from January 30th to February 7th.  There is a lot going on in every Country and this is a critical time for relationships!  We feel like every heart that joins our own in this great adventure is a gift from God Himself and we want everything that is done to be for His glory alone!
  I have had the chance to thank many of you for all the wonderful things you have done to walk with us in this journey but I know that God will never forget even the smallest thing that was done for the sake of His Name.  May His Name be praise above all else and may His lovingkindness and favor fill your homes until His imminent return!
  In His love, jerry
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