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Although we - like all the other countries we are partnering with for the sake of the Gospel - are challenged by Covid restrictions, God's Spirit is still powerfully at work in every way! (I Cor. 4:20)

Every week we hear amazing stories and miraculous ways the Spirit of Jesus is honoring those who honor Him. (I Sam 2:30) A fun story this month comes from our dear friends in Kenya. Many of you know that one of the schools we are involved with in the Nairobi slum of Kibera is called "Kidstar". It was startd by a courageous, loving brother from Switzerland named Alex Weigel. One of our dearest friends there was the principal of the school - Judy. She is very bright, educated and desperately in love with the Savior! Judy is single, lives in a little two room hovel inside the slum and she regualrly keeps up to 15 or 20 orphans in her home.  Children as young as 2 or 3 years old are often abandoned or left alone during the day - often growing up without a dad, and a mom that has to work with no child care optoions. 

Judy was doing as much as she could after her academic day was over, but too many children were being lost. So, two years ago she quit her job at Kidstar without any other income or sponsors and opened a daycare / pre-school with several other volunteers who love Jesus. Together they started providing love, a free lunch and education built on their faith in Jesus. Sue and I have been helping fund some of Judy's work, but there are more kids showing up every week. They always have need for the most basic teaching materials, food, diapers, etc. A couple of months ago, the landlord told Judy because she was so far behind on her rent that she and the kids needed to vacate their only space - a single classroom. This room is about the size of Salt & Light's main office - and is where more than 30 kids and staff show up every day. Judy never asks for money from anyone but God - but she said to her landlord, "God will give me money and I will surprise you!" At the same time, $500 became available from our church's benevolence fund. We didn't know any of the drama Judy was facing - only the ongoing needs. When she received the funds, she was filled with joy and praise and overwhelming thankfulness! This small gift was enough to take care of all of their immediate needs - and of course, the first thing she did was rush off to the landlord's office and pay off everythig they owed. Judy was most excited to be able to go back to their building's owner and tell him, "See, I told you, God has done it! Glory be to His Name!!" And they are still in business!

It is not just the money, which is very helpful, but the main thing is what it has done to build faith and confidence in His perfect love and faithfulness and that He is always right on time when our trust is squarely centered on Him.  

Thank you dear friends for all you do to serve the King and His loved ones here and all over the world! In Him, jerry



Marilyn Holms 9 months ago

Jerry, This such a amazing testimony of Judy's faith and God's provision. So blessed we funds to send them. Hope people read the blog. I just listening to your sermon and l thought l should check the blog. What a blessing.

Kevin and Sue 7 months ago

Pastor Jerry - Might you be adding that line item to Tithley? If not how would you suggest we give. I don't trust the Des Moines mailbox at the Post Office as it's been either stolen or broken into over the past few years.

We love your updates!

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