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First of all, our dear brother Enos has finally secured his return trip on British Air to Kenya on August 15th! He had originally planned on two weeks in Seattle, but it has lasted over 5 months. He spent the first few days with Sue and I before I left for Bolivia. The Covid lead us all to quarantine while I was away and so for 5 months he has been with our dear friends Ray and Cathi Croese, Many have helped fill in his time here with significant experiences including Brice and Patty Lenz, Pastor Dave, the Brightons, Jay Gettis, Todd Gibson, Jim Davies and others. Enos and I have been able to meet on Thirsdays and it has been a great blessing! We are so grateful for those of you who have been praying for this dear brother and his return home. The next challenge is whether or not he will be required to quarantine in a secured location once he returns to Kenya for $100/day or not. There is a chance he could be permitted to go directly to his home if he is deemed healthy. Our prayer is that our gracious God will take care of all of the details and the transistion as he returns to his family and ministry.

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