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Saturday night finished late with another Covenant Group- they were welcoming in a new church member when I arrived and then had a pile of questions to ask!
One of the great things that came out of the evening was that the key leader for the the whole Fellowship had been through a serious crisis that involved the whole community...after dialoguing for a while he said I have been drowning in the most horrible depression imaginable, thinking I have wasted the last 30 years of ministry, but now I just understood what God has done, and it makes sense, everything is Ok!

  God has given us long hours of sweet fellowship with people from early until late everyday and many have given testimony of renewed marriages and recommitments to Christ, and broken relationships in the fellowship healed.
One business man is selling all his unnecessary possessions and reorganizing his business and renewing his marriage around Jesus and everything is only for His glory!  Man can change the outward appearance but only God can change the heart!
   Just a couple more wonderful pieces from the host, Vova, had a heart problem that was getting pretty serious and he was preparing to go to the doctor with a lot of distress.  We prayed and God healed within minutes and it hasn't been an issue the whole time I was there.  Both their kids got quite sick and God restored them quickly as well.  Also I wrote about Julia who went to Africa with us.  She lost a baby in pregnancy in January and went back in to the hospital with her second pregnancy having the same issues a few days before I got there.  We went over to see her and prayed.  I talked to her today and she also sent some texts, the doctors say all the problems have disappeared, she and the baby are good and sent them home!  Only God can do such things!!!

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